NameJordi Gran
Genresterror, uptempo hardcore
MBK is a real UPTEMPO fighter from the first hour.
With his young age from 21 years he have a lot already planned and reached !
Got already the chance in Spain to explore himself, and now he's looking for more.
Since he started he got already some 4 releases on labels like: TRIPPLE SIX REC. / Uptempo is the Tempo Rec. / Kurrupt Rec. / Phrenetikal Rec.
With the track DRS & MBK - PRESIDENT he already got the NR 1. place @ The Hardtunes top 100.
In 2016 MBK WON the RGB-Festival CONTEST for the UPTEMPO style.
MBK have influences with UPTEMPO & TERROR that made his style special and unique.
-Together with same-mined people we can wield thoughts-
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