NameChristopher Rossi
FunctionDJ, live act
Member of groupAggressive Act
Genreshardstyle, raw hardstyle
In between the many shades of ordinary, there come rare breeds of exceptional talent that are on a blazing mission to ignite the world with their individuality and evidently change the game. Prodigious all-rounder Rooler is one of these individuals.

Combining his undeniable flair with a solid work ethic and audacious determination, the Italian-born producer and DJ represents one of Hardstyle's most inspirational success stories. Beginning his journey as a bedroom producer and enthusiast of the music, Christopher was determined to follow his innate passion to express himself through his music and persona...
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Party agenda Aggressive Act (group)
REBiRTH Festival · Guardian of Eternity 5 2368 visitorsFestivalterrein Raamse Akkers, Haaren
3 ratings
best and most brutal kicks out there.­ Can't get enough of this
Evil Intentionz
Aankomend Talent, snoeiharde kicks, een om in de gaten te houden!!