NameJunot Theuwissen
Genreshardcore, uptempo hardcore
partyflock DRS_OFFICIAL (4 Feb 2015)
partyflock Darkressive System (14 Jun 2014)
Half january 2013 I met him,he was already buzzy with playing rec's for almost a month,
I knew directly that he was serious about I'ts goal, when I had a first talk with him.
Soon he knew that he wanted to play It's own rec's.
I had already a basic view In FL and teached him how to produce,
A few weeks after he met FL he inmedially started to read books about the program, build a studio.. He wanted to know everything about producing.
I saw him learn each day after his work, with It's mind 100 procent into the hardcore,
He was taken by the Hardcore virus and is looking after perfection...
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On Wheels
Net niet .....­
Spice it up
Eentonige rotzooi vind ik het.­ Snel afgespeelde hardcore
DRS is gewoon kankerbruut #­drsarmy
Passion 4 Core
Goed bezig op Ground Zero! Het tempo zat er lekker in (y)
Goeie nummers en goeie mixen
[ NeLiZ ]
de setjes op soundcloud en youtube gaan al hard ! Maar live maak je er echt een groot feest van! Man wat draai je hard en oh zo goed !
Dycore aka erwin
:respect: Goed bezig :D
-=­BED1983=­- Aka Erik Van Franse Kern.­
Pandemonium · The Religion Nice SET!


Mijn leven zou nooit meer hetzelfde zijn! dit is mijn hardcore!!! yeahhhh!!!!
DRS @ Toxic Sickness Radio dit is in al mijn hardcore tijd de gruwlijkste set die ik ooit gehoord heb!! :respect:
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Die kicks zijn dodelijk van hem
Heerlijk zijn set op Megarave! :bounce: