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NameWilliam Omar Landrón Rivera
OriginPuerto Rico
Genreslatin, reggaeton
William Omar Landron Rivera, known throughout the world for his implacable creations as Don Omar "EL REY", is singer, actor, impresario and executive producer from Latin America born on February 10, 1978. Don Omar stood out from the urban genre around 2002 for being an artist of superb instrumentation and versatility in each and every one of his compositions, today having the skill to compose and produce his own songs himself from within the recording studio, now that he has a high professional formation over the course of 10 years in his musical career.

Don Omar became a Latino music star when he penetrated successfully into genres such as "Salsa", "Bachata", "Reggaeton", and "Merengue", having the ability to interpret his music in languages such as English and Portuguese, seamlessly. Don Omar made his first mark in the music industry with his debut album "The Last Don Live" with which he sold millions of copies around the world. Another of his most revered and sold albums internationally are: "King of Kings", "iDon", "Don Omar Presents: Meet The Orphans 2010", and the second chapter of the same saga "MTO2: New Generation".

A few years ago, William Omar Landron "Don Omar" founded his own record label in the United States under the name "Orfanato Music Group", of which he is currently President. As an artist, Don Omar has recorded with renowned figures in music such as: "Romeo Santos (Aventura), "Victor Manuelle", "Gilberto Sana Rosa", "Kat De Luna", "Busta Rhymes", "MIMS", "Akon", among other artists, and arrived at the #7 position on the 200 most sold albums Billboard Charts. Don Omar as a superstar has achieved Gold high selling albums, been selected as the Best Artist of 2011 by VEVO and broken records with his remix "Danza Kuduro", considered as the Latino video most seen of all time with over 360,831,223 million views on

William Omar Landron debuted as actor in the Hollywoord millionaire franchise "Fast & Furious" in the 4th edition, whose success lead him to become part of the leading cast alongside Vin Diesel & Paul Walker in the 5th edition as "Rico Santos", where he also will be part of the 6th part that is on the brink of filming. Don Omar's role as impresario has developed him with great success, fostering the musical careers of young artists with his label "Orfanato Music Group", and creating the online platform for fans that he presented at the Latin Billboard Conference in April of 2012 "FANS & Company". William Omar Landron "Don Omar" is also a strategist and creator of special events, with an incredible passion for Autos & Racing that impulsed him to transform into a Drag Racing Pilot with his own speed team "HART" (Hasta Abajo Racing Team).

Don Omar as a highly relevant and popular figure in the entertainment industry, has seen his achievements reflected in various Platinum and Gold albums, Latin Grammy Awards, and BMI Awards for his strong influence in Latin Music, Winner of an American Billboard in 2012 with his song "Danza Kuduro", Maximum Winner at the past Latin Billboards 2012 with 8 awards, and selected on multiple occasions as the leader in digital sales (Greatest Gainer BDS) by the prestigious Billboard Magazine with his album "Don Omar Presents: Meet The Orphans".

Currently, William Omar Landron "Don Omar" scaled to another level as producer upon presenting his own Reality Show "Don Omar Presents: MTO On The Road". The premiere was realized through the online video platform in the United States BEEYOO.COM, in an alliance between the company and the highly revered entrepreneurial artist. Don Omar is currently being represented by the record label Universal Music Latin Entertainment (UMLE).
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