Guigoo (photo)
FunctionDJ, 7 × live act
Member of groupNarkotek
Genreselectro, tekno
A natural musician, he gave up his piano for decks and explored hip hop techniques for several years (1996-1998): scratch, pass pass, beat junking.

In 1998, he bought his first sampler in order to make productions for his ragga band.
His first parties put him in the infernal magic of the loop and of the synthesis, and since then he has not been able to switch off from electronic music.
He began to explore this world and discovered the techniques of sound. His studio grew with his passion.

Guigoo composes all the melodies on his vinyls (like the Narkotek Hors série 1 and 2, sonik boom 03, etc.), as well as all the scratches present on his tracks.
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Poekie Poes O:)
Geniaal op Not Your Tektron :cheer:
Party Like Us!!!!
lekker hoor, eerste keer gezien maar wat heerlijk zeg :respect:
Teum NL :bier:
Wat een set op footworxx :respect: voor deze man:respect: Narkotek!!!!
was nice setje op footworxx
† Let's Fuck Up Society †
Heeeeeeerlijk! (L)
T-Low a.­k.­a.­ te lauw
:respect: Narkotek :respect:
Geniaal B)
Tha Clown
HEEL vette set op Not Your Tektron :respect:


Narkotek!!! :worship: (Y)(Y)(y)!! @ Montagood Festival was ieee goooeeeeddd :yes:
last change
iemand nog livesets van montagood festival ter beschikking?
facking gooed:respect: vette muziek heelo veel :respect: zeer vette plaate
dit is overbodig kenker dikke tekno:respect: voor deze man!!!!!
Chat Noir Chat Blanc! Wat een gruwelijk vette track!
vous n'avez vraiment bien, je ne peux pas attendre pour vous de nouveau le teknival prochain tour!