photo BillX
FunctionDJ, live act
Member of groupsFant4stik & Frenchcore Familia
Genresfrenchcore, tekno
Billx made his musical start by scratching and mixing hip-hop. He soon became interested in composing music and bought his firt set of samplers and groove box. He discovered the free-party movement in 1998 and decided to dedicate himself to hardtekno, first by mixing, later by using a computer to create his music. In 2004, he signed his first record label, Krysalide, his tracks were immediately released and his talent noticed. In 2005, he became a member of the Marsatek crew. Soon after, his music was flowing onto the biggest hardtekno labels including Le Diable Au Corps, UndergroundTekno, FSL, Tekita, Humungus etc... Billx produced over 80 records...
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8 ratings
Ro - D
Absolute fantastic style..­ saw him first time at harmony and he blew my mind.­ What hard basses..­ cool.­ Breaks.­ Brilliant
Ju_­Lien (Blue_­pill)
N vitral
Neelien :yes:
Wat een heerlijke sound! Love it!
MT™ A.­K.­A.­ "­de god op maxies"­
the real master of tekno!!! the darkside:zn beste track!! , respect: voor deze french dude!
Formidable! specialement en Tektron!
:respect: Héérlijk losgegaan @ Tektron :bounce:
Poekie Poes O:)


ModderrrrrVET!!!!! zalig
Hier hou ik nou van!! (L)

One of my favorites :D
Dit is echt fucking grappige muziek !!

Heeel BAAAAS!!!!
fuckin harde tekno!! alle tracks zijn moddervet!! held!! :respect:
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Baas deze man!!!!
Quote of NLKnetsch on Wednesday 4 December 2013 at 14:55:
Baas deze man!!!!

ja zekers man,echt wel een van de beste muziek wa ik gehoord heb de laatste jaren,geniaal gewoon