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NameLynn Standafer
FunctionDJ, live act
OriginUnited States
Genresbreakbeat, breakcore, jungle
Lynn Standafer, better known as Enduser, undoubtedly counts as the better known, most active and highest praised breakcore producers. Shooting his way through the 2000's with salvoes of EPs and albums as well as constantly touring all over the world, Enduser has grown from being a driving force of this sound to one of its best embodiment and most recognized figure.

Synonymous for a music which marries carefully laid melodies with unrestrained aggression, Enduser has received praises from all sorts of horizons for the way he manages to entice a sense of beauty in the midst of broken and pummeling beats. If hard electronic music can ever be recognized as having a soul, it is throughout Enduser's output that this gets best demonstrated.
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Last event was op Saturday 20 July 2019: Dominator Festival, E3 Strand, Eersel
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[SF] Schñjoep [2x5]...­
Held _O_


Genius :respect:
Quote of removed on Tuesday 28 August 2007 at 19:14:
Super !

Pretense, Pushing Back, Rights Of Passage :respect:
WANNEER komt deze held weer in de lagelanden (L)
Artist AltoDave, D5
uber heid

niet normaal wat je kan doen van extrema breakcore tot slow breakbeats met reggae :respect:
Enduser - End Of A Beginning (Sublight Version) :respect:
Playing The Devil! (L)
moet echt snel weer naar Nederlad komen!!
Held :respect:!
Holy fuck! Wat een zieke tracks maakt hij! Duidelijk vaker boeken in Nederland en omstreken :)
Kreep Step ( Damage 12.­008 )