photo Evolver
NameJori Wachtelaer
AliasesChris Alexo, Jori
Member of groupsHardcore Maniacs & Universal Soldiers
Genresdarkcore, early hardcore, hardcore
Evolver, born as Jori Wachtelaer in 1984 in Belgium, got infected by the hardcore virus at very young age. When he was 16-years old, he started his dj carrier and a few years later he became resident for Hardcore Maniacs, a popular Belgian concept. Almost 8 years later, this concept still lives. Through the years he expanded his carrier and played at a lot of Belgian parties like Hardcore Minded, Survivors Of Hardcore, Bassfase, State Of Core and many more.

New Years Eve 2006, he performed at Club X-treme which was a great experience and a big boost for his career. From 2006 till now, Evolver played at almost every hardcore party in Belgium.
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WarzoneJeugdcentrum Vizit, Wilrijk
Raveolution · HardcoreLes Caves des Cornillons, Luik
ReouvertureXS Club, Bernissart
Birthday Battle × C-NoizeComplexe Cap'tain, La Glanerie
The Qontinent · Island of Intensity 24
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Puyenbroeck, Wachtebeke
Timeless Festival · Space Edition Vélodrome, Rochefort
DJ Yves Bday BashHighstreet 2.0, Hoogstraten
Outrage · The hardcore festivalFestivalterrein Hennemeeuwis, Neerpelt
Hardcore Maniacs · The MassacreDancehall Diest, Diest
Sjavieee 10 Years · The Ultimate Celebration sold outSjavieee, Molenbeersel
Rak Je Los't Hofeind, Merksplas
Raveolution HardcoreLes Caves des Cornillons, Luik
Rob Gee Worldtour · 25 + 1 Year Positivian Vibes Kavka Zappa, Antwerpen
Oldschool Nostalgia · Early & Millennium Hardcore EditionKavka Zappa, Antwerpen
Footworxx · The Underground Festival 3 Le Cadran, Luik
Hardcore ManiacsDancehall Diest, Diest
Raveolution Hardcore · 4 YearsLes Caves des Cornillons, Luik
NYE · All-In FestivalDancehall Diest, Diest
Hardcore Underground · The Rise Of An EmpireJeugdhuis De Vonk, Geel
Army of Hardcore · 10 Years on X-Mas sold out photos 2 Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen
House Of Madnezz · The Ultimate Bday BashJeugdcentrum Vizit, Wilrijk
Hardcore ManiacsDancehall Diest, Diest
Oldschool Nostalgia · Early & Millenium Hardcore EditionKavka Zappa, Antwerpen
Early DaysHighstreet 2.0, Hoogstraten
C-Noize BdayComplexe Cap'tain, La Glanerie
Raveolution HardcoreLes Caves des Cornillons, Luik
The Qontinent · Indestructible 6 Puyenbroeck, Wachtebeke
Oldschool Nostalgia · vinyl onlyZappa, Antwerpen
Hardcore Maniacs · 15 Years AnniversaryStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
District HardcoreHighstreet 2.0, Hoogstraten
Raveolution Hardcore Come BackLes Caves des Cornillons, Luik
Pure #1Stadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
Offender #1Jeugdcentrum Vizit, Wilrijk
Footworxx · The Underground Festival sold outLe Cadran, Luik
Vies Hard · Bloody ValentineCrew Club, Tremelo
Kabarka ReunionThe Lounge Boat, Aalst
Coretrik JC Tranzit, Kortrijk
Hardstreet · Xmas MayhemHighstreet 2.0, Hoogstraten
Hardcore Underground · Christmas ClassixJeugdhuis De Vonk, Geel
Hardcore Maniacs · Back In TimeStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
Nachtschade IKON, Antwerpen
Oldschool Nostalgia · Early & Millennium Hardcore EditionJeugdontmoetingscentrum Stabroek (JOS), Hoevenen
AccelerateStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
C-Noize BdayComplexe Cap'tain, La Glanerie
The Qontinent · Decade of Dedication photos 4 Puyenbroeck, Wachtebeke
Imperial Hardcore Fest · Omira's 35th Bday BashMagiq Spiegeltent Noordkasteel, Antwerpen
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Imperial Hardcore XLClub Reflex, Westerlo
Rave'rberg RetroParochiezaal Everberg, Everberg
BUMPP · The ReunionDixies, Brasschaat
Hardcore Maniacs #35Zaal Bekaf, Aarschot
Mentally Sick Core · Back To The Old DaysRumba & Co, Leuven
Aarschot Goes Crazy · The Big BangStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
Hardcore Underground #2 · ClassixJeugdhuis De Bogaard, Geel
Imperial Hardcore on TourJeughuis 't Jop, Sint-Job-in-'t-Goor
Hardcore Maniacs · Back In TimeZaal Bekaf, Aarschot
Hit Hard · The Final EditionParochiecentrum Balen, Balen
Hollow Chamberz · Halloween XL EditionDancehall Diest, Diest
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Belgium Hardcore Nation · On TourDixies, Brasschaat
Hardcore ManiacsZaal Bekaf, Aarschot
20 Years Of DangerDancehall Diest, Diest
Kabarka Closing PartyKabarka, Berlare
Retro House Invasion · The XXL Laser And Fire Edition Stadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
Underground Classix CaféJeugdhuis De Bogaard, Geel
Aarschot Goes CrazyStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
Hardcore Underground · ClassixJeugdhuis De Bogaard, Geel
Imperial on TourJeughuis 't Jop, Sint-Job-in-'t-Goor
Hardcore Maniacs · Back In TimeZaal Bekaf, Aarschot
Hit Hard 2015Parochiecentrum Balen, Balen
Hollow Chamberz XL · Survivors Of The CoreDancehall Diest, Diest
20 Years Of DangerStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
Basscreators · Eternal BassDe Waai, Geel
Crazy Hard SoundLa Salle de la Maison du Peuple, Frameries
Imperial Hardcore FestMagiq Spiegeltent Noordkasteel, Antwerpen
The Qontinent photos 6 Puyenbroeck, Wachtebeke
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Defiance · The Belgian Hardcore ResistanceComplex, Sint-Niklaas
Bassline · 10 years of Miss Faction 2 Perron M, Mechelen
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BassFase · Re-UnitedJH Den Trechter, Zwijndrecht
Hardcore Maniacs · The Demolition TourClub Elegance, Lokeren
Mental ManiacsStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
16 Years Hardcore UndergroundJeugdhuis De Bogaard, Geel
Hardcore AttackArena Hoogstraten, Hoogstraten
Crazy Hard SoundH2O Club, Pecq
Imperial Hardcore · Friday, The 13thAtrium, Deurne
Mentally Sick Core · Mental Psycho's Birthday PartyMusiCafé, Leuven
Hardcore Maniacs · Kerst Met BallenStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
Hardcore Underground · ApocalypseJeugdhuis De Bogaard, Geel
Noize Suppressor & FriendsArena Hoogstraten, Hoogstraten
The Hills Den Amer, Diest
Hard To The KabarkaKabarka, Berlare
Fear 2 Futur, Turnhout
Mentally Sick Core · All Weapons AwayMontreal, Leuven
Hardcore café · Nuke Bday CrashQbus, Aartselaar
Hardcore ManiacsStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
This is porno!'t Bau-huis, Sint-Niklaas
Imperial Hardcore FestMagiq Spiegeltent Noordkasteel, Antwerpen
Basscreators Birthday bash Stadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
The Qontinent 4 Puyenbroeck, Wachtebeke
ExcoreJH 't Excuus, Kortenberg
Heroes at workSportoase Ter Heide, Rotselaar
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15 Years Hardcore UndergroundJeugdhuis De Bogaard, Geel
HardworldStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
Imperial Hardcore Invites · Noize SuppressorCherrymoon, Lokeren
Mentally Sick Core · The Return Of The DevilMontreal, Leuven
Dj Mic birthday partyLotus club, Bernissart
Hardcore Maniacs · 11 Years AnniversaryStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
Kalima's Birthday BashQbus, Aartselaar
Kabarka · Jolien Bday CrashKabarka, Berlare
Partyraiser · Time To Raise HellSotto's, Zottegem
Hard to the lotus clubLotus club, Bernissart
HardworldStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
The Bald & The HardJeugdhuis De Moeve, Lier
DarkCafé De Vak, Niel
Hard AllianceStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
Madnezz & Skullz BdayClub Basic, Tielt
Hardcore Universe · 4 Years AnniversaryCherrymoon, Lokeren
Bassline · Overdrive 2 Perron M, Mechelen
The Core Factory · D-fact Bday BattleStuivezand, Zundert
Crushz Bday bashDiscotheek Highstreet, Hoogstraten
SummerationDe Schakel, Overpelt
Imperial Hardcore · Omira's Bday FestRuige Heide, Zandvliet
The Qontinent · Camping Pre Party 10 Puyenbroeck, Wachtebeke
Main Stream KillersKabarka, Berlare
BasslineCC Palethe, Overpelt
Belgium Finest BattleKabarka, Berlare
Hard To The Lotus ClubLotus club, Bernissart
Mentally Sick CoreFuifzaal Albatros, Leuven
Staalhard · Energetic HardcoreStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
Hardcore Maniacs · A Decade Of Evolution - Evolver's Birthday PartyDen Ouden Tijd, Herent
Unofficial HoH afterpartyKabarka, Berlare
20 Years Rotterdam Terror CorpsCherrymoon, Lokeren
The Hardest Bday PartyBack2, Roeselare
Night Of The Harder Styles · XXLZaal Sint Jan, Weelde
De Kale RevolutieBack2, Roeselare
Terror vs Brainwash bday blasterKabarka, Berlare
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Bass SelectionSporthal De Wingerd, Overpelt
Staalhard · Eternal Bliss Expodroom, Bree
This is BelgiumKabarka, Berlare
ChroniclesDanscafé Den Booze, Rijkevorsel
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Hardcore Underground · Ho Ho Ho EditionJeugdhuis De Bogaard, Geel
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Clostrophobia · 1 YearPlace de la Wallonie, Fontaine-l'Evêque
Imperial Hardcore · 2 years anniversaryPetrol, Antwerpen
Hardcore Bassment · Heartcore - The Hardcore BenefietThe Rector, Gent
Generation X · A night dedicated to the harder stylesClub Tibu, Neerpelt
Fucking Bastards · Belgian EditionCherrymoon, Lokeren
StaalhardDesire, Vosselaar
Kabarka · The New BeginningKabarka, Berlare
Hard Alliance · Battle of the Harder StylesStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
Roescore · Dj Bullit's B-Day BashBack2, Roeselare
Trash My StereoZaal Iso, Izegem
Eins zwei POLIZEIFestivalweide Pijpelheide, Begijnendijk
The Qontinent · Camping Pre Party photos 3 Puyenbroeck, Wachtebeke
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ClostrophobiaLes Caves, Charleroi
Hardcore Maniacs · Evolver & The Snatcher's Birthday BashDen Ouden Tijd, Herent
State Of Core XXL · The Revolution Of MankindArtCube, Gent
HysteriaJH Korridor, Beerse
Swivv-T & Insane Birthday PartyVoetbalkantine FC Vera, Nijlen
BassicJH Krejoel, Ranst
The Hardest B-Day PartyThe Rector, Gent
Neophyte Records Trasher Tour 2012Cherrymoon, Lokeren
Pounding sensesEuropahal, Tielt
A-Bomb · Industrial Injection photos Eskapade, Kapellen
C4 Explosive IICafé De Colff, Leuven
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Leuven goes outMusiCafé, Leuven
Elimination · the first matchStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
Hardcore prophets 2012Café Venetië, Borgerhout
Generation XClub Tibu, Neerpelt
Hardcore bassmentTijuana, Gent
Bassfase · MC Reign's Bday CeremonyJH Den Trechter, Zwijndrecht
Tina's Deadly Hardcore B-day BashThe Rector, Gent
Hardcore Italia · Gods Of The Arena Cherrymoon, Lokeren
Army of Hardcore sold out photos 2 Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen
Imperial Hardcore · 1 year anniversaryPetrol, Antwerpen
Hardcore Maniacs · Belgian BastardsDen Ouden Tijd, Herent
Beats Deluxe · NoaX Birthday BashMusiCafé, Leuven
Hardcore Story 2000 2010Ritz Club, Bully-les-Mines
State Of Core · Masters Of WarCherrymoon, Lokeren
Hit HardParochiecentrum Balen, Balen
ImpulzeFestival area Ceulemans, Berlaar
Kylie's bdayFort 8, Hoboken
Hard Alliance · Battle of the Harder StylesStadsfeestzaal Aarschot, Aarschot
Hardcore mafiaKabarka, Berlare
The Beginning of Mind Distortion SystemLa Cave aux Pirates, Doornik
Hardcore connectionLotus club, Bernissart
Turbulence · H.A.R.D.Discotheek Den Butler, Bierbeek
Kabarka family partyKabarka, Berlare
2 Years Cherrymoon Hardcore UniverseCherrymoon, Lokeren
Identity De Posthoorn, Hamont
DarkCafé De Vak, Niel
10 years KabarkaKabarka, Berlare
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WaterfeestenKabarka, Berlare
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Imperial Hardcore · Omira Bday BashIndustria, Antwerpen
Hardcore milleniumKabarka, Berlare
Underground Warfare · Part IIJC Kavka, Antwerpen
Neophyte Records · Creators Of The CoreCherrymoon, Lokeren
Oldschool VibesIndustria, Antwerpen
Campus is burningCafé Campus, Geel
Hardcore Maniacs · Evolver's Birthday PartyDen Ouden Tijd, Herent
Beats Deluxe · One Year Beats DeluxeMusiCafé, Leuven
Hardcore BeatKabarka, Berlare
JCB goes hardJC Beverlo, Beverlo
Hardcore UndergroundJeugdhuis De Bogaard, Geel
Ik ben je bitch nietCherrymoon, Lokeren
Hardcore BabyLotus club, Bernissart
HysteriaJH Korridor, Beerse
Noize Suppressor · Sonar world tour Complex, Sint-Niklaas
Hardcore maniacsStadscafé, Aarschot
DJ D-Moniak birthday bashKabarka, Berlare
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Hardcore Universe 2011 · The Ultimate Hardcore ManifestLotto Arena, Antwerpen
Hardcore Belgium 2Rockerill, Charleroi
Hardcore Maniacs 2011't Jongensschool, Tielt-Winge
Art Of HardcoreSalle des fêtes, Aulnoye-Aymeries
Hardcore UndergroundJeugdhuis De Bogaard, Geel
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The power of bassThe Rector, Gent
Lockdown · International HC battles The Sand, Amsterdam
Land Of DarknessLa Cave aux Pirates, Doornik
State Of Core · The Hardcore ConflictCherrymoon, Lokeren
Hit Hard · luv it or leave itParochiecentrum Balen, Balen
Hard destructionLotus club, Bernissart
Thunderdome Radio · Invites LockdownStudio 80, Amsterdam
Sektor 9 · Conflift of the soulGC Klein Boom, Putte
Hardcore ManiacsZaal Bekaf, Aarschot
Hardcore Survivors · The birthday editionDe Zwalmparel, Munkzwalm
Hardcore Connexion · Loyd's Birthday Bash #2La Cave aux Pirates, Doornik
1 Year Cherrymoon Hardcore UniverseCherrymoon, Lokeren
Dj Maniac BirthdayKabarka, Berlare
Mindfuck's BirthdayKabarka, Berlare
4 years OffmanKabarka, Berlare
Hardcore Darkness · Make a Wish EditionClub Expodrome, Bree
WaterfeestenKabarka, Berlare
Dj Omira BDay BashMagiq Spiegeltent Noordkasteel, Antwerpen
C-Noizer BirthdayKabarka, Berlare
X-Stylezzz · Hard EditionJH 't Excuus, Kortenberg
State Of Core · The End Of The Hardcore SeasonCherrymoon, Lokeren
Bassindustry · F*ck the crisisZaal Bekaf, Aarschot
Hardcore ProphetsMaster Schmidt Hoeve, Deurne
Evolver's Birthday · Hardcore for lifeKabarka, Berlare
PokkehardClub Expodrome, Bree
XXL Pinkster EditionCherrymoon, Lokeren
Planet hardcoreClub Expodrome, Bree
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Swivv-T Birthday BashKabarka, Berlare
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ToxicationClub Expodrome, Bree
Planet HardcoreClub Expodrome, Bree
Planet hardcoreClub Expodrome, Bree
Hardcore ConnexionLa Cave aux Pirates, Doornik
Hardcore ManiacsFuego, Maaseik
Hardcore Darkness · Dj Fly Birthday BashZaal Bekaf, Aarschot
Proud 2 be hardcoreGhosthouse, Halen
ShadowlandsCherrymoon, Lokeren
Hardcore Maniacs · The Apocalypse 2010Zaal Bekaf, Aarschot
Hardcore Revival IIICafé Palladium, Sint-Katelijne-Waver
Offman Birthday · Belgian EditionKabarka, Berlare
Hardcore From HellJH Alfa, Brakel
CorruptionCherrymoon, Lokeren
Tango & Cash · 15 Years celebration photos The Zenith, Venray
Hardcore ManiacsZaal Bekaf, Aarschot
ShadowlandsCherrymoon, Lokeren
Mental Pain · Birthday Bash - French EditionCo2, Gravelines
Dj Maniac Birthday Bash · 38 Years Of HardcoreKabarka, Berlare
DJ Casper's B-Day BashCherrymoon, Lokeren
Apollo UnleashedJeugdhuis Apollo, Lanaken
Darkness SensationCo2, Gravelines
3 Years OffmanKabarka, Berlare
8 Years KabarkaKabarka, Berlare
State of CoreCherrymoon, Lokeren
Bassindustry vs Hardcore ManiacsZaal Bekaf, Aarschot
Fanatik BirthdayKabarka, Berlare
XXL · The oldschool edition photos Cherrymoon, Lokeren
Holland Invasion 3Kabarka, Berlare
Evolver's Birthday PartyKabarka, Berlare
Hardcore ManiacsFuego, Maaseik
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Still standing strongCarte Blanche, Weert
Jump vs Hardcore · Dj Anakean Birthday BashLe Zenith, Naves
Sound Of Belgium IVKabarka, Berlare
Big sales nightKabarka, Berlare
Serious Infinity DJ Contest · First RoundJreëts, Kerkrade
Hardcore maniacs · The next encounterZaal Bekaf, Aarschot
Turtle dj team vs planet dream teamKabarka, Berlare
XXL · the x-mas edition photos Cherrymoon, Lokeren
Hardcore before ChristmasKabarka, Berlare
Mekan-X Birthday PartyKabarka, Berlare
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Back To RealityKabarka, Berlare
Hardcore Maniacs · SevenZaal Bekaf, Aarschot
Hardcore Belgium UnitedHangar 1, Oostende
Turbulence vs JumpmaniaPZ Ramsel, Ramsel
Kingdom of BassCafé Flamingo, Neerpelt
Bassfase · Under PressureFort 8, Hoboken
Sound Of Belgium IIIKabarka, Berlare
Hardcore Maniacs 666 · Rejected By The DevilZaal Bekaf, Aarschot
7 Years KabarkaKabarka, Berlare
WaterfeestenKabarka, Berlare
14 years Dj Maniac · Part 2Kabarka, Berlare
Bassindustry A year afterZaal Bekaf, Aarschot
Hardstatic · Release Your Inner DemonCafé Flamingo, Neerpelt
Evolver's B-day Bash · 24 Years Of HardcoreKabarka, Berlare
Kabarka · Back to HellKabarka, Berlare
Distorted't Swingend Stropken, Wetteren
Fuzion on FireFuzion, Vosselaar
Hardcore Underground 2Kabarka, Berlare
The Hardcore Marathon 2008Q-Nation, Breda
b2s rookie night · Round 3: hardcoreOutland, Rotterdam
Bassfase · Noz's & Re-act's B-day bashFort 8, Hoboken
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Hardstatic · Survival Of The HardestCafé Flamingo, Neerpelt
Belgium's hardestBokkestory, Oordegem
Enter the darknessIm-Pact, Kasterlee
Kabarka · Maniac's B-day partyKabarka, Berlare
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Jumpers RevolutionWaaiberg, Leuven
Bassfase · High VoltageFort 8, Hoboken
XXL · The Live Edition photos Im-Pact, Kasterlee
Belgium's finest photos The Rector, Gent
Kabarka · 6 years anniversaryKabarka, Berlare
KabarkaKabarka, Berlare
HardcoreKabarka, Berlare
Bassindustry · Project 001Zaal Bekaf, Aarschot
Hardcore Darkness · The Reïncarnation of EvilCarte Blanche, Weert
Hardcore DemolitionKabarka, Berlare
Fucking earsBokkestory, Oordegem
Hardcore resurrectionKabarka, Berlare
Sound of BelgiumKabarka, Berlare
Club X-treme · Big bang attackClub X-treme, Sint-Niklaas
Tornado · Dj Contest dag 1Café Flaix, Middelburg
The X-mas Rave · Cold DaysKabarka, Berlare
Beats InstructorJH Katastroov, Bierbeek
Hardstyle night · Second editionJeugdhuis Den Aap, Meerbeek
XplosivZaal Ons huis, Zaventem
Survivors of hardcoreZaal Bekaf, Aarschot
Jumping b-day party · Loki and Rampat'sFuifzaal Albatros, Leuven
Hardcore mindedGC Klein Boom, Putte
Bigger than ever · Special darkcore editionKabarka, Berlare
AapocalypsJeugdhuis Den Aap, Meerbeek
The Starsthe-stars, Sint-Niklaas
Zino DJ ContestZino, Tilburg
La Différence · B-day party SemtexLa Difference, Eksaarde
Trip to Den Aap 2 · Back to 2002Jeugdhuis Den Aap, Meerbeek
Jumpin' nightDiscotheek 2nd Love, Kloosterzande
DJ ContestClub Delicious, Essen
Retro jumpCherrymoon, Lokeren
The Contest · Part XBora Bora, Valkenswaard