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Wout (photo)
NameWout van Dessel
FunctionDJ, producer
Member of groupSylver
DJ Wout started his career in the Belgian clubscene in 1995. As a resident in both afterclub Carat and tranceclub Illusion, he spread the trance-sound of the late '90's throughout the clubscene. Being a guest in every major club in Belgium, from La Rocca to Extreme, from Cherry Moon to Lagoa, he earned his place amongst the best dj's Belgium has ever known. He got voted Best National DJ on the 2005 TMF Awards.
In the year 2000 he started his pop/dance-band called "Sylver". What started out as a friendly collaboration, turned out to be a worldwide succes. 10 years later, Sylver has released 5 albums on a global scale, selling nearly 2 million copies. They received several TMF Awards, German Dance Awards, and more...
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Artist Luke
deze man heeft dus echt veel vette platen plus remixen gemaakt!! (y)