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Bild Melih Kor
NameMelih Köroglu
Genresdub, electronica, progressive trance


Melih Kor embodies elaborative art and enchanting music.
Even at a very young age, he listened to electronic music, for example, Mr. Oizo in the 90's and Daft Punk.

A few years ago he got into producing and DJing over his fascination by electronic music, so he approached this craft to create his own unique style. His main inspirations are and will be always Daft Punk, Armin van Buuren, Eric Prydz, Paul van Dyk and Above & Beyond.
Catching up with Melih Kor · 10 August 2017
Electronic Family took a bold step by organizing a DJ contest for this year's edition. First prize? Opening the mainstage area on saturday. No "likes" involved, not a contest about inviting as many friends on Facebook. Just send your mix and show your skills, and Melih did. The winner of this contest is Melih Köroglu from Nurnberg, Germany. DJ name: Melih Kor. You might know him because he also played at the Future Sound of Egypt clubnight in Panama in April or for you might have heard one of his releases. Time to get to know Melih a little bit better!

Party agenda Melih Kor

Last event was on Freitag 14 April 2017: Future Sound of Egypt, Panama, Amsterdam