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NaamWillem van der Ploeg
Genreshouse, techno
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Cursed P is the label owner of Little Globe Records, resident of Green Room Amsterdam and the promoter of The Warehouse Party's in 's-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg.

Exposed to the first signs of an exciting new culture in the beginning of the 90's, house music and acid were on the rise and grabbed the attention of the yet-to-begin-dj. Own-recorded local radio shows made him familiar with the leading artists and different genres, but also learned him how to DJ and measured an interest in rare records. Friends' houses and little bars got replaced by performances at illegal raves and techno parties, where he became the deejay that he is today.

Techno with future sounds, old school acid and house; his unique sound made him a well-received guest at festivals and clubs within The Netherlands and Belgium, such as STRP Festival, Tomorrowland (BE), Solar Weekend, Paaspop, Smeerboel Festival, Play Festival (BE), Magneet Festival, Kindergarten Outdoor and the Westergasfabriek amongst others.

Little Globe Records
Early 2011, Cursed P started building his 'own little world', focusing on new electronic talent from The Benelux, which resulted in his record label "Little Globe Records". He also started to organise the infamous, boundary pushing "Warehouse Party" in 's-Hertogenbosch and Tilburg.

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Laatste feest was op dinsdag 4 augustus 2015: Broeikas, De Boulevard, Breda

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Duustere DNS
goeie gast, lekker tunes
Thom-ass [Neetjur Wan 2002 - 2010]
Held!! :bier:

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het is me toch wa....­
Tog jammrrr dak maar 1 x 30 wor... ;-)
Gweldig feesie, met nog gweldigere DJ's (Y)

Ge bent en blijft munne Favoriet!!al jaren...

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