foto Sandor Dayala
NaamSandor Dayala
Geboortedatum2 december
Genreship hop


Ever searching for pleasant melodies and suiting sounds Sandor Dayala is one of the rising stars in the Dutch Hip Hop scene. His sets as his name are quite personal and matches his own identity: fun loving, positive and high energy. From a young age Sandor was drawn to expressing himself, taking dance lesson to joining acting class. But his true calling came when he start listening to Dutch underground Hop Hop and rom that point on knew that his future lied in pushing this culture and music.

Starting off in the The Hague underground scene playing in different clubs and eventually hosting his own event at the infamous club The PIP, Sandor quickly became a welcome guest at Hip Hop events. With his first steps on the scene he's already gained much notoriety with his fast paced and high energy sets drenched with his good taste for the right sounds and the hit that has yet to become one. Blending R&B, New Wave and Hip Hop with his own contemporary style. Landing residencies at Live at the BBQ and playing big Hip Hop festivals Woo Hah and Appelsap, it's safe to say Sandor is far from done.