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Sacha Mambo is one of those special DJs that manages to find the links between completely disparate styles of music and weave them together to create life changing moments and rich narratives on the dancefloor. Playing everything from Afro to Disco, Acid, Techno, Rock, Industrial and cold wave, his knowledge of rare gems and infectious oddball obscurities is second to none.
When he's not DJing all over the world, Sacha co runs the esteemed Macadam Mambo record Label out of Lyon releasing incredible Edits and original records by the likes of Traxx, Mori Ra, The Pilotwings, Dunkeltier, Albion and Many More.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 7 september 2018: BAR + BAR Records Releaseparty, BAR, Rotterdam
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