14 december 2016
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RopeMarks is owned and operated by Bob, A Dutch guy living in Amsterdam with a fairly twisted mind and imagination.

His love for the bound female form already showed itself at a very early age, the age of 8 when he started reading comics. One day, somewhere around the age of 10, he once again took his allowance (the huge amount of a few dollars) to his favorite second-hand comic shop. In the back of this shop was a small porn department. While waiting in line to pay for his second-hand comic he catched a glimpse of the magazine the man in front of him was paying for. The magazine had a black and white photo on the cover of a bound woman wearing only sexy lingerie. This was his first look at such an image.

A few weeks later he found himself standing by the already mentioned porn department, looking for a magazine with a bound female. He never blushed as much as he did then when he paid for the magazine he found.