Animistic Beliefs
21 december 2020
NaamLinh Luu & Marvin Lalihatu
Functie24 × DJ's, 41 × live act, groep
HerkomstNederland Nederland
Genreselectro, IDM, techno


Animistic Beliefs are inventing a new, creole musical language. The Rotterdam-based duo of Linh Luu and Marvin Lalihatu repurpose forms from techno and IDM to create exhilarating hybrids, applying a fresh perspective that is both deeply personal and political.

'Animism' is the idea found in indigenous belief systems that all objects, creatures and places possess a spiritual essence. Pre-colonial thought, traditions and music connected with Marvin's Moluccan and Linh's Vietnamese-Chinese heritage are key inspirations behind the Animistic Beliefs project, and tools through with the duo explore their experience as people of colour living in the Netherlands, a historical centre of colonial power.

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