foto Nigel Dymez
NaamNigel Anthony Haneveld
FunctieDJ, producer
Genresafro house, chillout, house, trap, urban
Ook herkend als
  • Nigel Dimez
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Music has always been a strong element in Nigel Dymez's life. His father used to be busy with music and his mother gave it a Surinamese twist.
In 2012, Nigel Dymez bought his first midi controller from his saved money and practiced his turning skills every day.

Nowadays Nigel Dymez regularly plays in various clubs such as Club Air, Supperclub, Escape, Maassilo and many more inside / outside Amsterdam. Recently at North Sea Hemkade with Bizzey and at Beachclub in the past. Nigel Dymez can also be seen more often at festivals such as Latin Village Palmundo festival, Rijnweek, nyx festival to name just a few!
he also gives events such as Fruta Fresco, Willy Vodka and a few more

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Laatste feest was op vrijdag 6 maart 2020: Fruta Fresco, Club Up, Amsterdam
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