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JNXD a prodigy on a meteoric rise!

High energy sets like his performances on Defqon.1, Mysteryland, Dancevalley, Decibel and The Qontinent? Boundary-pushing productions like Kamikaze (+1.3M plays) or new Fuck Shit Up (TBA)? A rock solid international fanbase, unique artistdom? You must be talking about gifted DJ/producer JNXD. With constant support from the scenes' biggest game changers, millions of streams, doing massive shows from Australia to Amsterdam - with his focus on mainstages, the rollercoaster of mad success he rides is just picking up speed. Don't blink your eyes, JNXD is on a meteoric rise and not about to come down!

Living life in the fast lane
Rebel rousing his way through the hard dance scene, in just three short years JNXD has become an esteemed act to be reckoned with. Alexander spins at the biggest hardstyle events such as Defqon.1 festival (2015 to 2018), Decibel outdoor festival (2016, 2017), The Qontinent (2018) where he put the pre-party on fire, Mysteryland (2018), Dancevalley (2018) and with Reverze (2019) in sight, all major events get the royal JNXD treatment. Collecting passport stamps on the go, JNXD also plays international festivals and clubs around the world from Australia's gold coast to clubs in Asia - and that's just a prelude to what's coming in 2019. Mixing his sets (and Bacardi) effortlessly, combined with a confident on-stage presence that meets today's high standards plus creating A+ quality productions, JNXD offers the best of every world. Looks, show element, thrilling productions and a with an exceptionally credible character, he is the number one artist to have on your radar for 2019.

Studio Junkie
Rocking stages is not the only thing Alexander is doing. Working endless hours in the studio has become his second nature. Pushing himself and his creations beyond any normal man's limits resulted in numerous musical milestones such 'A Broken Dawn', the fan favourite 'Hard Is My Style' (pushing 1M plays), playlist killer 'Kamikaze' (+1.3m plays), 'Back Home' and his latest cinematic banger 'We Are Assassins' get him raving reviews from fans and colleagues alike.

Now, represented by the renowned Platform Agency and world's biggest Hard Dance label Dirty Workz, Alexander is turning a corner with his perfected and slightly harder signature sound. As premiered by Da Tweekaz and Sub Zero Project on the Intents mainstage this summer, ('Live For Today') and by Sub Zero Project during the Mysteryland mainstage 2018 closing show ('Fuck Shit Up' ) - his new highly anticipated concept) are two perfect examples of the new musical direction JNXD is going.

Alexander: I want to combine what is deemed impossible. Energy, drive and harder than expected. But always with alot of feeling. No matter how far I push things, my tracks will always contain a deep musical vibe.

JNXD is a creative mastermind who is always looking for new ways to present his music to his dedicated fanbase. After locking himself in the studio for a couple of months, in 2018 he created the never done before release concept called 'Fortunate? or Forever JNXD?'. In this storyline, Alexander is put to the test by a gypsy fortune teller. She draws four cards. Four tracks must be produced to eventually reveal his true destiny. The release concept showed what separates JNXD from the masses - he is a true game changer.

As stated in an interview with DJ Mag NL: ' JNXD is making huge progress by doing things just a little different and better than the rest'.

That's how it started
Making an epic entry into the scene is what characterized Alexander's early milestones. Creating a first release with an original twist was his main priority. When 'That's How It Is' (2014) was released straight on Scantraxx Recordz, the track made an impact beyond measure for a debut record. Soon, Wildstylez, Noisecontrollers, Bass Modulators, D-Block & S-Te-Fan and many more supported 'That's How It Is' on Mainstages like Defqon.1 Festival (NL/AUS), Decibel outdoor festival, Qlimax, Mysteryland and Q-BASE (to name a few), and is still doing it's magic. From that release forth, his name as the 'prodigy newcomer' spread like wildfire through the scene. So much for a first release right!?

Rumors often spread that JNXD tracks are created by world class artists, because fans found his innovative take on music production so early in a career, hard to believe. However his productions are the result of being a perfectionist who is not easily satisfied - the perfect foundation for multiple decade Hard Dance domination at the highest level of the industry.

With a high energy stage presence, relentless ambition and innovation to bring out the best in his productions, both music wise and as an artist plus his keen eye for knowing what a crowd needs definitely changes the game... JNXD is taking the Hardstyle scene by storm.

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Laatste feest was op vrijdag 25 december 2020: Warehouse Madness
2 september 2017
Foto's, Dream Village Weekend, 2 september 2017, Lage aard, Bavel
18 augustus 2017
Foto's, Decibel outdoor, 18 augustus 2017, Beekse Bergen, Hilvarenbeek
30 juli 2016
Foto's, CRAFT Festival, 30 juli 2016, NDSM-Werf, Amsterdam
25 juni 2016
Foto's, Defqon.1 Festival, 25 juni 2016, Walibi Holland, Biddinghuizen