DeepRootedSoul (foto)
NaamAndrew Foley
Genresdisco, house, soul
Andrew Foley aka Deep Rooted Soul is an ol'skool/nu skool Amsterdam DJ who describes his sound as music that comes with a very special "attitude", and if there is one quality it has to be sincerity. From the heart, and as always of lasting and abiding cultural value.

Foley grew up in a musical household. His grandfather played the saxophone while Foley learned how to play the guitar as a kid and his father passed on the love of vinyl. Most fathers wouldn't allow their 5 year old to come within 3 feet of the needle, but not Foley's father. From this early age he learnt the delicate touch of playing records and his appreciation for vinyl grew from there.
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 15 februari 2018: The Black Panther Party, Escape delux, Amsterdam
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