BLANCAh (foto)
Born into this world with a love for all things creative, it was only a matter of time before
we saw BLANCAh spread her wings and shine on an international level. This Brazilian
artist started her professional music career as a DJ, back in 2000. Since then, her
natural talent and interests have quickly progressed allowing her the opportunity to
explore and refine her skills. She is often found touring Europe and Brazil, often giving
live vocal performances to compliment her DJ sets.
In 2014, BLANCAh embarked on her biggest year and joined forces with Steyoyoke.
Since becoming a member of the Berlin based record label, BLANCAh has built a solid
path in music production by delivering a continuum of highly acclaimed releases...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 4 maart 2016: Steyoyoke 4th Anniversary, Ritter butzke, Berlijn
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