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It all began 1986. In that year I was living on Curacao. In that year was also the beginning of a new music period on the island. Hip-hop and house Music began to be popular on that moment and a lot of Deejays was into mixing. On the radio we had music programs such as Hot Mix Live who inspire my to go into mixing as well. Than a friend and I decided to buy a mixer and started to mix music with two tape decks with a pitchcontol. A few year later we started to buy records and with a few old turntables we started to play records. A few days later I learn to now DJ TedKoetsier(RIP), Black Jack, Darwin Gregg and DJ Eric the Kidd. They where some of the popular DJ's at that moment on the island.
And than I played on a few Big Party's on the hottest places on the island at that time. In December 1990 I decided to immigrate to The Netherlands. Three months later I started to play in the Toevlught a little Youthclubin Maassluis. I played there for about 1, 5 year. Than I started to play in Disco Stairsat Maarssen more Clubs came to me to play for them I played in Future Maarsenbroek and in Fillini in Utrecht and sometimesinLocomotion Steenwijk.

In 1995 I started to play in Disco Close upIn Vlaardingen and also I played a few times in Podium Gallery X better now as Maddox and The Music Factoryin Vlaardingen. In 1997 I played in the NotreDame at Maassluis as resident and in that same year a started to work at Basic Beat record store. There I learn to now some popular DJ's like RonaldMolendijk (one of the owners that time) and Michelde Heij. Tiesto, Harry Lemon 8, Benny Rodrigeus & Paul Hazeldonk was working there too that time. I played at Nightown andParkzicht (Rotterdam).

In December 2000 I became a father. I decided to take it easy and had to put my priorities to take care that my kids had everything they need. But I was still buying records and a few years later I decided to play for audience again. Also I started to produce my own music and making own edit of some music that already was booming the dance floors. That I does solo but I also produces records with friends

I have played a many style of music trough the years. But thelast 10 years. I plays House, Clubhouse. Latinhouse, Electro, Progressive & Techhouse & Techno. That is also the music styles I produces. And sometimes I play 70's, 80's And 90's music & Urban such as Hiphop R&B andReggueton and alsoallround(No Dutch languish shit en Hardshit such as Hardcore en hardstyle). I still perform on a montly basis in Muziekcafé Ourosboros & Café Notre Dame as a resident.

When I perform as a DJ I use Traktor Pro, Pioneer CDJ Decks and an Effect Processor to put extra dimension to his set.
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