Nexus & Tight (foto)
NaamTim Cox
Genresdrum & bass
Tim Cox aka Nexus & Tight developed a love for drum&bass at a very young age. It wasn't until later though, that he actually started to produce it himself. With influences from Netsky, Logistics, Apex, Danny Byrd and Brookes Brothers, he primarily focusses on sample based Drum&Bass. He first gained attention in 2014 when his track 'Odyssey' was released on the Liquicity compilation 'Escapism 2'. The track went on to gather over 100.000 views on the infamous youtube channel. Not much later, Murdock signed a few tracks from the man, to be released on Radar Records very soon, and in the meantime he has releases dropped on Dubtastic Records, Inda Jungle Records and C Recordings...
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