Snorella WC Moustachella WC (foto)
Functielive act
Snorella WC was born in the harbour city of Odessa at the Black Sea from where she choose to start a new life.
Her life long interest in sailors and prostitutes made her take the leap and hop on a ship that sailed away to the habour of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
Still very young and uneducated, she made her money waiting tables, washing dishes and doing other things girls do to earn a little extra money.
Soon Rotterdam was to small for her and she went for Amsterdam. Wandering the streets in the rain, wet tired, she layed her head in the gutter next to a pile of trash. That is where Mr Van Lennep stepped in. He offered her a job in a famous discoteque where she could start as a toilet lady. It's here where Snorella WC really flourished...
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