De Flamingo's
20 oktober 2015
NaamKoen & Peeke
Functie14 × DJ's, groep
HerkomstNederland 🇳🇱


At the age of 14, Koen discovered his love for House music and decided to buy a midi controller (which he still owns).

Playing on this machine for hours a day he discovered his passion for funky, tropical & latin house beats. From that point on he played at several Latin-Ibiza House party's in Holland and Curacao.

In the meanwhile his friend Peeke got interested in DJing as well and bought a Pioneer XDJ R1. After doing some houseparty's and all-night mix sessions together they decided to form a duo. Playing around and having fun during their sets is essential for these grown up kids and one day they found 2 flamingo's beneath the booth of Club Fiji in Amersfoort where they are residents for over 2 years now. By using these animals as a way to entertain the crowd (and each other) people started calling them the Flamingo's and since then De Flamingo's were officially born!

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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 10 augustus 2019: Zomerparkfeest, Julianapark, Venlo


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