Thabo Getsome (foto)
NaamNils Thabo Gelfort
Genreshouse, techhouse
Nils Thabo Gelfort came in touch with electronic music pretty late. Mainly listening and playing Hip Hop and Reggae, he got bored by the annoying clichés and stereotypes related to this kind of music. In 2001 he got introduced to new playgrounds within the Techno Scene, staying a consumer at first. By 2007 he started promoting his first events, having today regulars under the label "Remain Raw" at clubs like Weekend, Cookies or Tape Club. Due to the constant interaction with DJs and producers from around the globe he finally took his first steps in producing. He released music on labels like Suara or Clap Your Hands...
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Laatste optreden was op dinsdag 19 december 2017: Techno Tribe, Sugarfactory, Amsterdam
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