Robbie Pope (foto)
NaamRobert Porporino
HerkomstVerenigde Staten
A product of early 90's New York City club culture, Dj Robbie Pope has had a long road in defining his current "Deep Tech" House sound. His sets have wrecked Dance Floors at hotspots all over the NYC area, alongside of a who's who of the world's top Dj's. His top 100 Beatport mixes have drawn substantial interest and has led to an increase in international booking inquiries. Robbie's renaissance after years of being a club DJ may be due to his renewed focus on learning to master modern production and engineering principles. Robbie knows what works on the dance floor and possesses a gifted musical ear, clearly evident in his initial productions...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 22 oktober 2016: Parceros, Club NL, Amsterdam
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