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Eduardo Santos (foto)
NaamEduardo Santos
Leeftijd39 - 40
Eduardo Santos also known as Aka Mexicanism is a ballet dancer and Dj
He was 16 years old and quickly got noticed for his passion for music and dance
In the mid '90s Eduardo Santos The then-teenage ballet dancer started Djing and became fascinated with Rap and House music.
He worked as a light Dj on a famous national club in his on town and made all the worm up of the resident dj during 1 years and started to mix in loft Mexican Clubs
In 1998 be came one of the résident Dj's of the famous Coco Bongo Club in Cancun
Eduardo santos Aka Mexicanism also has a solid expérience on the international scene, Belgium, Italy, France, Monaco, Spain, Hong Kong and Canada.
Musical Influences, Rap & Groove, House with latin percussion, Afro House, Deep and Tech House...
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