The Donnies The Amys (foto)
NaamDonnie & Amy
Functieband, groep
HerkomstVerenigde Staten
The band formed in 2011, when singer/keyboardist Donnie Stemp and drummer/ producer Amy Wood crossed paths while working together on Donnie's previous project, The Outdoors. Amy suggested the two of them should record some songs in her Echo Park studio and they quickly realized that they had something special.

​Amy has been a drumming fixture in Los Angeles since she was 14, and has played with many local and national acts including Fiona Apple, Big Black Delta and Conway. Donnie has been growing lettuce.

​The pair recorded their self-titled debut over the summer of 2011 in the midst of a Frisbee golf obsession and released the album in January of 2012. The Donnies The Amys was very well-received...
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