Screwloose (foto)
NaamEric Ferreira
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
GenresEDM, hip hop
DJ Screwloose is one of Providence's talented djs for his live mixing and turntable skills. From playing overseas and around the country, Screwloose is on the rise to the top. Born and raised in East Providence, DJ Screwloose first started rocking tables in 8th grade doing the typical birthday parties until his mid high school years, where he picked up real turntables to master the art of dj-ing. Now at 24, DJ Screwloose holds many weekly residences such as Roxy/lupo's in Providence as well as many other monthly residences. Also, Screwloose does major college events at schools such as URI, UMass (Amherst, Boston, & Dartmouth), Stonehill, UNH, Bryant & Many more.
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