Shamba Lion Sound System (foto)
NaamDr. Wildread & Tjarda & Ray Ranking & Papa Hobbol & Jahford
Genresdub, reggae, roots
At first there was love for music, then came the inspiration, by this inspiration a concept was found, and shortly after that there was a sound....

Shamba Lion is not only a Sound System which stands for Peace, Love and Unity, but Shamba Lion also stands for the authenticity of pure reggae music. With the lack of Old School Real Roots Reggae in the current reggae/dancehall scene, Shamba Lion hopes to bring people back to the foundation of Reggae music through positive vibrations, cultural vibes and deep bass!
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 18 februari 2017: Dub Sessions, Hall of Fame, Tilburg
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