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NaamAlexis Charpentier
Genreseclectic, r&b
Lexis is one of the most versatile DJ's out there and an absolute music research junkie – always digging for future classics & forgotten treasures. He founded Music Is My Sanctuary in 2007 which has now grow into one of the best independent websites for lovers of next level music from all over the world. He also created the 24 Hours Of Vinyl project, a worldwide non-profit event, which has travelled to Paris, San Francisco, Vancouver and more.

His monthly radio show and mixes have gotten acclaim from the likes of Ninja Tune, Mixcloud (which voted him top 10 of 2014), OkayPlayer, Vice, EgoTrip and Radio Nova. He also collaborates with french producer Onra on a mix and event series called 'Throw Em'Up" devoted to mid 90's R&B rarities.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 4 september 2015: Breakin'Even, Canvas, Amsterdam
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