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Genreshouse, progressive
These brothers from Schepdaal (Brussels) were born to be on a big stage in the limelight. Glenn De Leener was drawn to the DJ scene at a young age, inspiring his brother Mikey to try his hand at turntables, as well. After Glenn taught mikey the art of spinning with style, the two brothers became partners under the name Stereo Killah in 2011.

With a deep passion for dance music and the ability to turn any space into an unforgettable party, this DJ duo is manifesting their dreams to become a worldwide sensation. Stereo Killah brings an energy and excitement to their sets of electronic, house and dance music with the intention of traveling the globe to empower and energize the world to dance your worries away.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 28 juli 2017: Tomorrowland, Schorre, Boom
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