Audity (foto)
NaamAlan Mandel
FunctieDJ, producer
AliasMr. Audity (voorganger)
HerkomstVerenigde Staten
partyflock alanmandel (10 mei 2015)
Audity is a name that is synonymous with Hardstyle music in Colorado - he is known for performing at and organizing some of the biggest Hard Dance events in Colorado, as well as being the founder of his label, Denver Hard Dance. Harnessing a true love for a fusion of the oldschool epicness of Hardstyle with modern sounds, Audity brings one hell of a party with him every time he performs, with emotional melodies and distorted bassdrums. His biggest goal is to properly introduce America to Hardstyle, the right way, with the right energy. Audity began his career in 2010, after discovering "I Just Can't Stop" by The Pitcher. Since then, he has manifested a true Hardstyle reality for himself and his colleagues at Denver Hard Dance...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 12 juni 2015: 't Allerkleinste Raveje, Dunne, Breda
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