Seko (foto)
Genresdrum & bass, dubstep
Mc Seko entered the Belgian drum n bass scene in 2014.
It didn't take long until organisations like Wouble trouble, Void and Big Burdon picked him up. However things really got moving when the people of M&T took him under their wings.
Seko took this huge opportunity to evolve in his lyrical and crowdhyping skills with the guidance of fellow Mc's Multiplex and Mota.
Now a days you can see MC seko hosting a lot of events not only national but international as well. Sharing the stage with Andy C, Netsky, Insideinfo, Black sun empire, NCT, T and Sugah, M&T and many more……

National gigs:
Summerfestival, crammerock,TD, M&T Xl, 45 fest, Univerz fest, Outsiderz, Steam, Baksteen, Gun, Radiation fest, district 8,huda fest, lumberjacks, close, semper fi, ziggypop, damaged society, forty five ,apocalypse, concrete dnb, drum n bicky ,forcefield, dub-timus, bass addict, grote bos gebeuren, and many more
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