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NaamScott Garcia
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Scott Garcia is without a doubt one of the pioneers of the UK garage scene after setting up his own record shop in 1994 at he very young age of 16 he has not looked back. Scotts shop Ruff Trax was one of the first of its kind stocking only house and garage made in the UK while the Sunday scene was dominated by dub versions of US garage tracks made by American producers such as Smack and DJ Disciple.
Owning the record shop lead to Scott hooking up with several promoters who were putting on Sunday scene partys and he was soon DJing at venues such as The Arches, The Frog And Nightgown and Adrenalin Village not to mention a host of invite only boat parties...

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 27 april 2019: Together, Ministry of Sound, London
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