Isolated Lines (foto)
NaamGwenaël Magnenat
Genreshouse, techno
At a fundamental level, Swiss producer Isolated Lines finds inspiration through various influences from a number of contemporary genres and musical experiences. He likes to play with the rhythmic dynamics of techno, striking a balance between avant-garde and accessible.

Following Linear Reflection, his label debut EP last year, Isolated Lines shows with the Stride EP, a fascination for the darker side of techno, pushing the lower end to the front and creating cold, tense atmospheres.

Isolated Lines keeps venturing into new challenges and shapes its breadth sound by pursuing a fusion of quantum drum parts and traditions through highly textured musicscapes, balancing strong rhythmics throughout and solid dancefloor beats.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 27 februari 2015: 47.2, Arena Club, Berlijn
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