NaamYuri Landman & Arnold van de Velde
Functieband, live act, instrumentalist
Genresambient, electronica, house, noise, rock
It starts in 2001, when Yuri Landman thought about a solutions for 'prepared guitars" –a technique often aplied by Sonic Youth to create different sounds. In 2006 he invented the Moodswinger (later Homeswinger, for home build projects). This was the start of a ongoing career in making experimental instruments.
So, Yuri made all these instruments. Cool! Doing workshops all around the world, he was invited by Arnold van de Velde and Rene van Lien (both Neon Rainbows, At No Bikini Beach and ex-Feverdream) record some songs in their studio in Rotterdam. While working on the recordings Arnold and Rene were often asked to join Yuri many times as a solid part of the group performances...
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Party agenda Bismuth
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 14 juli 2018: Zwarte Cross, Schans, Lichtenvoorde
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