NaamFons, Giel, Luca, Frank, Dominique, Farid, Anouk & Sanne
Genresfunk, hip hop, reggae, ska
Mama Franko – Let's Celebrate Life!

Mama Franko business means party is coming to town! A crew of eight musicians blend their different backgrounds into a surprising adventure which will leave your feet dancing. Reggae, Ska, Hiphop, Funk and Balkan are the main ingredients in this explosive musical cocktail. Think of summer, adventurous trips into the unknown and friendships stronger then brother bonds - the music is always danceable and uplifting. Celebrating life has never sounded so good!

Every performance Mama Franko drives the audience wild with their infectious energy. Pounding drums, pumping bass, manic guitars, a berserk brass section, rap philosophies and seducing vocals. This absurd combination forces every audience into a partying frenzy.
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Party agenda Mama Franko
Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 18 september 2015: Countdown Café, De Vorstin, Hilversum
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