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  • MK, tot 1 februari 2017
Passionate by Hip-Hop culture, DJ MK acquired his first turntables in 1998. He will begin in some trendy bars in the capital in 2002. He conquered the public with his style very "eclectic".

In 2003 he took off by starting in clubs. He became the resident prestigious evenings *Butterfly* (Louise gallery) playing alongside famous DJs. From there, the name of Dj MK has started to be on everyone's lips… Since then he's resident in the most prestigious clubs in Belgium and his evolution is constant. He's now recognized and respected by his peers and professionals in the music world !

His professionalism and simplicity are his major assets.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 26 augustus 2017: City Parade, Atomiumsquare, Brussel
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