Dave Simon (foto)
NaamDavid B
Genreshouse, minimal, techno
Faithful to his philosophy "Music is life", Dave Simon''s interest in electronic music already began at the age of 13 years. Since
2002 Dave Simon is a firm component of the Frankfurt Nightlifes. By his unique mix technologies and unmistakeable minimally
technoiden Tunes, he has already won a big and steadily growing fan base to himself which also rises after the borders of Frankfurt.
The taut fresh line in his sets make his sound extremely exclusive and the result is a pure euphoria on the dance floor. And this
does not remain unrecompensed, because name-like clubs like the legendary Berlin "Tresor ", the "U60" and the "Monza" in Frankfurt
a. M...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 1 juli 2017: Ruhr-in-Love, Olgapark, Oberhausen
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