foto Deceptix & Staz
NaamSteven Knight & John de Graaf
FunctieDJ, groep
Deceptix, Steven Knight, partyflock Deceptix
Staz, John de Graaf, partyflock djst@z
Deceptix first started creating music in 1998 and then started mixing in 2000. In the summer of 2000 Deceptix met DJ Staz. Staz had already been mixing for quite a while. He had started around 1993. Back in those days, Staz doubled up with Dj Nort. They performed at a lot of parties such as Sweetlake, Evil Dreams & Skinner's Madhouse, and at venues such as Club Avenue, Houtrust Rotonde & Zichtenburg. They reached the stage where they stopped mixing together and went their separate ways.
Deceptix played at a few small parties in Zoetermeer and started to mix more and more with Staz. In 2003 Deceptix & Staz decided to perform together and started a DJ team. Ever since that day, they perform their hardcore sets together...
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