foto Deceptix & Staz
NaamSteven Knight & John de Graaf
FunctieDJ, groep


Deceptix first started creating music in 1998 and then started mixing in 2000. In the summer of 2000 Deceptix met DJ Staz. Staz had already been mixing for quite a while. He had started around 1993. Back in those days, Staz doubled up with Dj Nort. They performed at a lot of parties such as Sweetlake, Evil Dreams & Skinner's Madhouse, and at venues such as Club Avenue, Houtrust Rotonde & Zichtenburg. They reached the stage where they stopped mixing together and went their separate ways.
Deceptix played at a few small parties in Zoetermeer and started to mix more and more with Staz. In 2003 Deceptix & Staz decided to perform together and started a DJ team. Ever since that day, they perform their hardcore sets together...

Uitgaansagenda Deceptix & Staz

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 23 september 2017: Hardfountain Reborn, 't Oude Gemaal, Den Haag