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NaamNicolas Saad
FunctieMC, DJ
Nicolas Saad started as a radio host in the early 80's then started DJing shortly after and soon became popular when he took on a residence in the hottest clubs in Paris in the early 90's. Every Monday and thursday night at "Balajo" and wednesday night at "Café de Paris - London" with Albert de Paname, friday night at "Pavillon Weber" with Serge Krüger and saturday night at "Central" (ex Queen) with Laurent Garnier and David Guetta.
In 1995 he produced hip hop & R&B artists for Sony Music. Then in 1999 started Fast Track Entertainment booking such artists as Dj Aspe across France and Belgium and collaborating on a TV game show on french national channel "TF1".
In 2005, he composed, wrote, arranged, mixed & mastered Siham's album "High Fever"...
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