NaamAngelo Medagoda
Sir Lanka is a 21 year old DJ from Ghent, well- known from Culture Club, Klub XIII, L'étage and other hot clubs and famous parties.
His passion for music was always there and it was obvious to others how much he admires and enjoys the music. So he started to work on his dream to become a world-known DJ. Angelo Medagoda started his DJ- career at the age of 16, playing music at his friend's attic and improving his DJ skills on a fun way, playing for friends on so called "pre-parties".
In 2009, only a few months later, he received his first gig at 'Le Bleu, a dancing located in Ghent's most popular outgoing neighborhood, "De Overpoortstraat"...
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Laatste optreden was op woensdag 16 december 2015: Break The House Down, Entrepot, Brugge
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