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NaamArne Geysen
Genresbass, house


After years of passion Arne realized in 2007 that there was an interactive way to work with music. Bitten by the vinyl-microbes, several times a week he visited USA Import and Wally's Groove World, the only major record stores that could be found in Antwerp at that time. Arne's collection grew rapidly and so was his set-up. What started with one single player turntable quickly became both a set of turntables and CDJ's.

In spring of 2010 the ball started rolling. Through the grapevine he met DJ PRINZ, nationally the man was known as the most colorful DJ/music selector and he stood at the point of starting his own record label, Push It Records. Arne was adopted within the label and he still provides the press & online promotion for it.

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Laatste feest was op vrijdag 24 juni 2016: Push It, Café d'Anvers, Antwerpen
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