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What was originally intended as a musical outlet for a group of friends based in Adelaide, Untzz Twelve Inch rapidly gained notoriety amongst the worlds leading selectors, and has since been pressing up extremely sought after DJ tools to high quality vinyl records known to sell out within hours of release. The label has thus far avoided the pigeonhole, welcoming and releasing techno, dub, house, disco and beyond.
Headed by HVCK & Babicka, two of Adelaide's longest standing weekly residents of the world renowned dance spot, Sugar. Untzz Twelve Inch have a played a big role in revitalising Adelaide's dance music and DJ culture, showcasing and supporting the likes of Ben UFO & DJ Sotofett at their weekly In The Deep End night every Saturday for the past three years...

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Laatste feest was op woensdag 31 december 2014: Studio 80's New Year's Eve, Studio 80, Amsterdam
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