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Timon Klarell got his first real exposure with (deep)house music in the early 00s. He is known for his extreme deep and soulfull sound. This man combines different styles to create a hyponotizing and groovy vibe. His extreme style mixup of deephouse, techhouse and techno picked him up and carried him to a point of no return. The music is in his blood and even is quite a good dancer as well. The year 2012 was a boost for his career with bookings at Club Air, Club Poema, Amsterdam studio's, Studio 80 and Pand 48. He featured on line-ups next to the likes of Ben Pearce, Noir, Homework, Sandeep, Finnebassen, Tapesh, De Man Zonder Schaduw, Juan Sanchez, Rampa, Tigerskin, Subb-an, Olivier Weiter etc...
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