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Genreselectro, progressive
Aizy's real name is Laura. She's from the Netherlands and is really happy that music exists. She puts all her energy and love into it. It's blowing her mind if she's working on it. Her big dream is to play at Ultra Miami one day. She loves to perfom on stage and jump on it with the people.
She has a certificate from SAE in music production and is currently studying audio engineering at the SAE. She works hard on her own music so stays tuned!
Every friday night will also be a new episode of "Power House" to get you ready for the weekend.
Aizy is her new name. When she was twelve she started with the name DJ La Bree and performed for the first time one year ago. She stopped with this name because the music had more power than her name...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 6 juli 2018: Ultra Europe, Poljud, Split
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