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NaamNick Bril
Genresdeephouse, house
Music keeps me sane in my busy working life. Whenever I
need to perform on a high level, music helps to relieve my spirit. It eases down the constant movement in my head, and it boosts my feelings.
My first intense dining experience made me realise fine food can have a similar impact on me as does great music. A conversation that stops, an eye to eye contact, an all over thrilling expe- rience. It's unusual to come across this sensation nowadays with fine dining, and just as hard to experience this with music, but when it occurs ... pure magic happens!
The challenge of running a restaurant and the challenge of mixing music seems similar to me. It's tough, and it's a constant learning process, but I think both crafts have the same ambition: to give people a moment of happiness and a feeling of satisfaction.
With this project we want to show the world that we are more than just a restaurant. We dedicate our lives to beauty in all its shapes and this is just the next step in our quest for the total experience. Just open yourself up.
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