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Mobius Strum, Costa Ricas duo producers, are rolling up strong into many of the top djs playlists. Having already singed with 8 Bit, AMA, Smiley Fingers, InfraDig, Supernature SK Supreme, Nirvana Rec., Akbal Music, Caramella Rec. and they're very own Half Seas Over, Mobius Strum have been pushing the central american sound into another groove and feeling.
Having been enchanted by a beautiful and diverse country of mountain greens without end; seas of red ,orange and pink, they have transmited all of the memories and moments into dark and passive beats that progressively unfold into a world of rythm and sound that reflect all the beauty and energy around them...

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Laatste feest was op woensdag 15 oktober 2014: Minimal Amsterdam connect, BEAT Club, Amsterdam
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