Iamgunz (foto)
FunctieMC, rapper
Charismatic, well-spoken and opened-minded the Belgian/Congolese rap artist Iamgunz (previously named Pretty Gunz) sure knows what it takes to please the listeners by using these elements to his advantage. A street oriented mind and a ladies' man at the same time, there's nobody that can deny the artist' local popularity.
He started off as last member of the Antwerp group, L.O. Squad in 2003. After building a huge buzz, the collective released their first effort "5 Star Generals"
notably they were young and respected by their peers. Due to personal ambitions the group would split and Iamgunz continued to pursue his promising career.
It didn't stop him from expanding his relations in the music industry...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 20 juli 2018: Tomorrowland, Schorre, Boom
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