foto Patricio van Hasselt
NaamPatricio van Hasselt
Lid van groepGen Modulation
partyflock *Patricio (21 okt 2015)
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Patricio van Hasselt was born in Tilburg the Netherlands, grew up in Etten-Leur. At a young age he got affected by the music scene and started collecting all kinds of records throughout the years. At the age of 18 Patricio got the chance to meet his biological father. After understanding that his biological father was a well known man from the music scene in Ibiza, Patricio got even more interested in the growing music industry and decided to pick it up on a higher level and bought his first mixer. After getting his first gig he got so hooked, that he keeps on growing every single day. Patricio has his own styles but the best way to describe it is rhythmical deeptech, minimal and Techno...

Party agenda Patricio van Hasselt

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 14 mei 2016: Voodoo Vibes, Club Up, Amsterdam